The description below provides a guideline on how to configure New Relic APM ( with Snow Commander.

The monitoring integration is based on the New Relic APM's Documentation User Guide (

New Relic APM currently supports a variety of integrations ( including a Java integration which we will use to monitor Snow Commander.


Snow Commander makes use of the TOMCAT webserver and JAVA as part of its underlying code.

First, review the instruction on the New Relic website URL ( You will need to follow these instructions to place the New Relic JAR. 

Once you have followed the New Relic install instructions (, you need to set the JAVA Options on the Snow Commander server to ensure that the New Relic JAR is loaded with the Snow Commander services.

Setting JAVA Options:

- You can configure Commander JAVA Options from the following location on the application server:


- Double-click the vlme.exe file. 

- In the Properties panel, select the Java tab:

- Add the JAVA Agent string for Tomcat as instructed here (

- To load the New Relic monitoring tools, restart the Tomcat service.

Please Note: 

- This integration was tested on Snow Commander 8.3.x.

- The New Relic APM JSP injection method for Browser Monitoring is not supported on Snow Commander at this time.