Azure Managed Disk Snapshots

A snapshot is a full, read-only copy of a virtual hard drive (VHD). You can take a snapshot of an OS or data disk VHD to use as a backup, or to troubleshoot virtual machine (VM) issues.

If you are going to use the snapshot to create a new VM, we recommend that you cleanly shut down the VM before taking a snapshot, to clear out any processes that are in progress.


Snapshot Management with Commander workflows

Install the plug-in workflow step package

This scenario uses the Snapshot plug-in workflow step package (wfplugins-snapshot-2.0.jar), which provides a plug-in workflow step to enable Commander to create and delete snapshots Azure in addition to AWS and VMware

Go to Embotics GitHub / Plug-in Workflow-Steps and clone or download the repository. Then in your local version of the repo, browse to the snapshotdirectory, which contains the AWS plug-in workflow step package.

To learn how to download and install workflow plug-in steps, see Adding plug-in workflow steps.

Add steps to create or delete volume snapshots to your workflows

After installing the plug-in, you can create a workflow to create or delete snapshots. 

When creating the workflow, the Snapshot plug-in workflow steps will appear at the bottom of the list of available steps.

When you select Create Snapshot, enter a name and optionally a description for the snapshot. 

Complete the workflow wizard to save your changes.

To learn how to download and install workflow plug-in steps, See Running and scheduling command workflows.