This solution will allow portal users to create a new AMI from a running EC2 instance and use this AMI as the blueprint for a new service catalog item.

  • Only the portal user and vCommander administrators will have access to the service catalog item
  • The guest operating system credentials will remain the same as the source
  • New EC2 instances will follow the default naming convention
  • New EC2 instances will use the default completion workflow


  • vCommander Workflow (Download here)
  • PowerShell v5 installed on the target VM
  • Embotics® vCommander® 7.0.1 or later
  • Embotics vCommander 2.8 REST API PowerShell libraries (Download here)
  • AWS Powershell Tools (Download here)
  • If not already done, create an encrypted credentials file for vCommander  using the PowerShell command: New-EncryptCredential -destFilePath C:\scripts\credential.xml

Step 1: Setting up AWS Credentials

1. Login to the vCommander admin console

2. From the Configuration menu, select Credentials

3. Add a new credential named AWS Access Key with the parameters below:

Credentials Type: Username/Password

Name: AWS Access Key *Note the name must be set to AWS Access Key for the workflow to import correctly, you can update the name after the import

Username: (enter your AWS Access Key here)

Password: (enter your AWS Secret Access Key here)

Description: (optional)

Category: Guest OS Credentials

Step 2: Importing the Workflow

1. From the Configuration menu select Service Request Configuration

2. On the Completion Workflow tab select Import

3.  Browse to the downloaded New AMI Catalog Item.json file

4.  Select Import

Step 3: Setting up The Form

1. From the Configuration menu select Service Request Configuration

2. On the Form Designer tab select Add

3. Add a new service form with the parameters below

Form Name: New AMI Catalog Item

Form Type: Change Request Form

Target Type: Inventory

Completion Workflow: New AMI Catalog Item

4.  From the toolbox add two Input Text Fields.  

Use the default options for each and name one New AMI Name  and the other New AMI Description

5.  Press Save

Step 4: Running the Workflow

1. Login to the Service Portal

2. Locate a running EC2 Instance

3. From the Actions menu select Requests

4. Select the New AMI Catalog Item change request

5. Complete the Form and submit the request.