This article describes a means by which vCommander® administrators can revision control AWS CloudFormation Templates and Azure ARM Templates using a 3rdparty repository.  The example provided here will be pulling a CFT from Git then update the Service Catalog Entry to replace an existing CFT in vCommander.  This article will not focus on how to use Git, but many tutorials exist online to give the basics for using either on command line, web interface or Desktop client.  


Embotics® vCommander 5.7.9 or later

Git repository or another 3rd party revision control system


CFT in Git

Below is an example of a CFT stored in a Git repository.  There are many methods for updating and pulling the CFT from the Git repo.  This article will focus on updating vCommander with the new CFT.  


Once you have pulled the CFT it will be stored as a local JSON file.  For this example, it is RDS_MYSQL.JSON.  


Updating the Service Catalog in vCommander


Edit the service catalog entry for the RDS MySQL DB service.



Highlight the CloudFormation Template and click on Replace



Now you can browse to your JSON fill you pulled from Git.



This will read the and update the CFT in vCommander.  If there are new parameters added they will now be available to configure in the vCommander service catalog.