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7.0.2 and higher

This package contains a vCommander plug-in workflow step for sending an email with an attachment.

It can be used with several vCommander workflow extension scenarios, which can be found on the Embotics Support Knowledge Base. It can also be used outside of vCommander scenarios.


  • Version 1.1: Allow use of variables in TO and CC fields.
  • Version 1.0: Initial version.

Plug-in steps in this package

  • Email Attachment

Email Attachment

Purpose: Sends an email with an optional attachment.

Workflows supporting this plug-in step:

  • All


  • Step Name: Input field for the name of the step

  • Step Execution: Drop-down that sets the step execution behavior. By default, steps execute automatically. However, you can set the step to execute only for specific conditions.

  • To: Input field for the "To" recipients. Single email address or semi-colon-separated list of addresses. 

  • CC: (Optional) Input field for the "CC" recipients. Single email address or or semi-colon-separated list of addresses.

  • Subject: Input field for the email subject

  • Body: Text area for the email body

  • Attachment: (Optional) Input field for the attachment. Can be a file accessible to the vCommander service account, in-line content, or a variable that resolves to a file or the attachment content.

  • Content Type: (Optional) Input field for the attachment content type. Required if attachment is specified. For valid options, see


Plug-in workflow steps are supported with vCommander release 7.0.2 and higher. 

See Adding plug-in workflow steps in the vCommander documentation to learn how to install this package. 

Return codes

Generic return codes

  • 0 - Step completed successfully

Send Email with Attachment return codes

  • 1 - Error creating attachment

  • 2 - Error sending email


To change the logging level, add the following named loggers to the Log4j configuration file located at: 

  • General Utilities

    • Loggers:

      • <Logger level="DEBUG" name=""/>