Administrators may want to perform migrations of virtual machines to a slower subset of infrastructure  if the VMs are not being heavily used.  In this example we will use a search to find VMs that have been powered off for the last 90 days and run a command workflow against them to migrate them to a destination with slower storage.

Step 1: Creating a "Cold" Destination

We will need to configure a destination to migrate the VMs to.  To do this, login to the vCommander admin console then navigate to configuration > service request configuration > provisioning configuration

Click Add to create a new destination

Assign the infrastructure you want to move the VMs to, including folder, target, storage and network. 

Step 2: Creating the Workflow

Login to the vCommander Admin console and navigate to Configuration > Command Workflows

Select Add to create a new command workflow called Migrate VM

The Workflow steps will be as follows * note VMs must be powered on to use this solution*

1. Perform Power Action
Step Name: Power ON VM
Step Execution: Execute when conditions are met
Conditions: "#{target.state}" -eq "Not running"

Action: Start

2. Wait For Event

Step Name: Wait For Power On

Step Execution: Execute when conditions are met

Step Execution:"#{target.state}" -eq "Starting"

Wait For: Service to power on

Wait Time: 300 seconds

Wait Time Exceeded: Proceed to next workflow step

3.Migrate VM

Step Name: Migrate VM

Step Execution: Always Execute

Destination: Choose From list

Choose Destination: <Select the destination create in step 1>

Once the workflow steps are complete click next until the command workflow wizard is completed.

Step 3: Running the Search

In this example we will use a search for VMs that have been powered off for more than 90 days.

Login to the vCommander admin console and navigate to Search

Use the parameters below or come up with a customized set of parameters to locate VMs to move to slower infrastructure.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

On the search results page multi-select the VMs you would like to migrate, then right click and select Run Workflow

Select the Migrate VM workflow

Selecting the Run option will execute the workflow immediately, while selecting the schedule option will allow you to run the workflow at a later time (off peak hours)