There are many conditions that can yield a 500 - Application Error when attempting to log in to or use vCommander. The most common issues are listed below.

Database Service is not Started

vCommander requires a functioning database connection in order to complete the log in sequence and perform even the most basic operations. If the database service is not started, or is not responding properly, vCommander will display a 500 error. If you're not sure where on which instance vCommander is running, check the Embotics Control Panel.

If you are using Microsoft SQL as your database server, locate the service with the appropriate instance name. 

If you are using PostgreSQL as your database server, the service name is vCommander Database on the vCommander server.

Database Has No Remaining Writeable Space

After the database service being stopped, the next most common cause of 500 errors is the datbase having run out of writeable space. Make sure that there is space available on the disks where the data resides. If you are using Micosoft SQL, you should additionally confirm that filegrowth settings are not preventing further database writes:

  1. Login to Microsoft SQL Management Studio, and connect to the instance where the vCommander database resides.
  2. In the Object Explorer pane, right-click the vCommander database and choose Properties.
  3. On the File page, click [...] on the row for the database file.
  4. Check Enable Autogrowth and configure the Maximum File Size to Unlimited. Otherwise, make sure that the size to which filegrowth is limited has not been fully consumed by the database file.

Competing Login Sessions

vCommander was designed to support single logons per user, per browser. Because the same user account may be used to log in to both the vCommander Admin Console and Service Portal, people are often tempted to do so for testing purposes. This can yield a 500 error, so we recommend that multiple browsers be used intead. For example, login to the vCommander Admin Console with Google Chrome, and the Service Portal with Mozilla Firefox.

Other Causes

If you are receiving a 500 error that is not caused by the issues described above, please send an email to advising that you have excluded these causes, providing the vCommander diagnostics bundle as an attachment.