An Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account (managed system) shows as disconnected in the vCommander® admin console. On the cloud account's (managed system) summary tab you see the error:

Cloud Account (Managed System) has been disconnected due to a fatal error handling remote observations.

In the vcommander.log file, you find the following for the same timestamp:

2017-06-16 16:39:45,020 [CloudMonitorThread(EMBOTICS SUPPORT/P4HNIZ7HOKXMAIDAJJ4PC)] WARN - Exception thrown while synchronizing inventory
com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException: Request limit exceeded. (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 503; Error Code: RequestLimitExceeded; Request ID: d1d99df7-4a07-617a-b6a0-0a6e510be064)


The request limit being referenced in the logged error message is Amazon's limit on API calls. You can find more details in their documentation about API Gateway Limits

To resolve, contact Amazon and request that your account's limit be raised to accommodate your needs.