Users may occasionally report that some keystrokes are not passing through to the VM client when connecting through vCommander®. It has never been Embotics' experience that this is a vCommander® issue when reported, usually being found to be user error or a faulting keyboard. 

Modern web browsers contain a log that you can use to confirm which keystrokes are being received by the browser. Follow the procedure below to access this log and confirm which keystrokes are being recorded:

  1. During a session where a keystroke appears to not have registered, open the web browser's console.
    • For Mozilla Firefox, open the menu and choose Developer > Web Console.
    • For Google Chrome, open the menu and choose More Tools > Developer Tools.
    • For Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the menu and choose F12 Developer Tools.

  2. You will see the keystrokes logged. For example, this sequence shows SHIFT being pressed, the t key being pressed and released, and finally the SHIFT being released:

    Logged Keystroke Action Key
    Key pressed SHIFT
    Key pressed
    Key released t
    Key released

  3. Refer to VMware's V-Scan Codes table. You will need to convert the decimal values logged by the web browser to hexadecimal values to lookup the keys.

If you find that there is a mismatch between the keystrokes that the browser received and those which were passed to the client operating system, please copy the web brower's console information into a text file and email it to