Embotics vCommander® provides self-service, provisioning automation and tracking of VM asset data across private, public and hybrid clouds in single or multi-tenant environments. ServiceNow® provides a primary system of record for all service ticketing and a configuration management database (CMDB).

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Integration between these two best-of-breed solutions yields real-time, accurate reporting of key organizational information for assets, service level agreements and costs. It also allows consumers of IT services to interact with IT/IS departments in a familiar manner optimized for their use, thereby maximizing efficiency of service delivery and business agility.

The functionality provided covers three key uses cases:

  1. Synchronizing vCommander asset data into the ServiceNow CMDB in real-time when new service requests or change requests are fulfilled, as well as scheduling updates reflecting ongoing environmental changes originating outside vCommander.

  2. Creating and updating tickets in ServiceNow as vCommander new service requests or change requests are initiated in vCommander and processed.

  3. Initiate requests in ServiceNow and fulfill the provisioning leveraging vCommander.