Workflows running against one or more VMs fail with an error message similar to "The guest operations agent is out of date."


This occurs when VMware tools is not properly installed or out of date. Refer to the knowledge base article Providing Service Portal Users the Ability to Mount/Unmount/Upgrade VMware Tools for a solution that allows your user to manage the state of tools on their own. With this solution implemented, you can also run the upgrades from the vCommander® admin console using a command workflow.

Additionally, vCommander ships with a preconfigured search to identify VMs with guest tools issues that will result in this error. 

  1. Under the Tools menu, choose Search.
  2. In the right-hand pane, move the slider to Change.

  3. Under Public Searches, click VMs with Guest Tools issues.

Included in the default results are the current status of the guest tools (whether or not they are installed, running or out of date) and the current version. As with any search, you can export or schedule automatic email delivery of search results. Scheduling the search results on a weekly basis will help ensure you have current guest tools across your entire infrastructure.