As the hub of a multi-server ecosystem it's important to make sure that vCommander's network requirements have been met. Sometimes, even if you have a port rule defined in one or more firewalls/routers, the port may not be open. If there is not web site on the remote end to view, it can be difficult to confirm whether or not the port is actually open.

Here's a quick test you can do from most servers, using the telnet client. You don't need to have a telnet server running on the remote end in order for this to work. Our example uses the Windows client because most of the time you'll be testing from the vCommander® application server, but the commands are the same for clients on other operating systems.

  1. Launch a command prompt and issue the command telnet [IP address or FQDN] [port number].

  2. If the port is not open, you will receive a Connect failed message:

    If the port is open, you will receive a blank screen:

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