vCommander® Version
4.7.6 - 5.2.7
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure (25 free instances per license)
  • Multi-tenancy via organizations
  • Quota
  • VM Sharing
  • Change base disk size for new requests
  • Removed CPU and memory restrictions
  • Fenced networking
  • Rightsizing recommendations
  • Power Schedule Groups
  • Splunk, BlueCat IPAM and Puppet integrations
  • Comparative Economics Report, Service Fulfillment  Report
  • Updated Permissions and Roles
  • VM Access Proxy
  • Guest OS Workflow steps
  • Credentials management
  • Account Details 
  • More flexible Cost Models
  • Network Zones
  • Improved Placement Intelligence
  • Modify Ownerhsip in workflows
  • High Availability Configuration
  • UI Refresh for Service Portal
  • Zone and Mismatch Policies
  • vCenter Plug-In
  • 32-bit Installer
  • IE 8 Support
5.5.1 - 5.5.5
  • Support for AWS CloudFormation templates and stacks
  • Support for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer support
  • CloudWatch performance metrics for Amazon EC2 VMs
  • Rightsizing recommendations for Amazon EC2 VMs
  • Support for AWS GovCloud
  • Connect AWS to vCommander® through a proxy server
  • Customize AWS VMs at launch time with user data
  • Change the instance type and storage resources for Amazon EC2 VMs
  • Service catalog blueprints and enhancements
  • CHEF integration

  • Single Sign-On SAML2 WebSSO and SPNEGO Windows SSO (Windows Integrated Authentication).

  • Expose specific ports in fenced networks

  • Internal fence subnet mask is now configurable

  • Static DHCP reservations for fenced VMs

  • Approval workflows for change requests: More flexible options for automated fulfillment

  • Run command workflows on all service types

  • Determine VM placement by service name

  • New workflow steps: Copy File and Create File

  • Configure OS Networking workflow step support for Ubuntu

  • Control which VM rightsizing recommendations Service Portal users can see

  • Display DNS name in Service Portal tree

  • Dashboard Refresh button

  • Set system properties in the vCommander® console

  • VM Access Proxy now provides secure SSH and VNC access

  • REST API enhancements 
  • Support for vSphere 6

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Support

  • SCVMM 2012 SP1 as a virtualization platform

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  • User-specific component forms for new service requests

  • End of Life Policy, Suspect Policy and Approval Policy

  • Connect to the same network as the source service

  • #{vm.*}, #{virtualService.*} and #{component.*} workflow variables

  • Settings subvariables cpuSameAsTemplate and memorySameAsTemplate

  • Add Single VM Service button

  • Removed variables (See release notes for complete list)

5.6.1 - 5.6.5
  • Maintenance windows for change requests
  • Enhanced datastore cluster support

  • Datastore clusters as storage targets for automated placement

  • Storage tiers for datastore clusters

  • Isolate media and datastores for each organization

  • Connect media supported for powered-off VMs

  • Changing memory and CPU no longer requires power down for vCenter VMs

  • Variable assistant allows you to search for and add variables in the vCommander® console

  • Documented variables easier to scan and understand

  • Experimental support for Microsoft Edge Browser

  • SEsparse support
  • VM rightsizing is now much more flexible
  • Rename VMs in the Service Portal
  • Finer-grained control over the Destination form element
  • Many Name fields now accept 100 characters
  • Longer Service Portal Message of the Day
  • Rename policiesREST API enhancements
  • Veeam module version 1.1 released
  • Automate importing VM metadata BigHorn
  • Specify IP Address or network against Guest OS commands.
  • Added support for new Linux network MAC address detection for Guest OS > Configure OS networking
  • Deprecated variables

  • Version 1 of REST API


  • HP Helion Public Cloud

  • MS SQL Server 2005

  • MS Internet Explorer 9

  • SCVMM 2012 SP1 as a virtualization Platform

  • Graphical Lineage view for VMs

5.7.1 - 5.7.10
  • Parent-child relationships with list and sublist custom attributes
  • Ordered lists of Chef recipes
  • Logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) added to conditional workflow steps
  • DRS disabling during provisioning to prevent customization failures
  • Maintenance Windows for all service types
  • Save Memory State for Shared VMs
  • Added support for AWS Auto-scaling Groups
  • Cleanup rejected or stalled requests with Command Workflows
  • Zerto Integration
  • Upload files in Service Requests
  • HA Reserve capacity calculated
  • Automatic calculation of average VM Workload
  • Set aside additional capacity 
  • Persist downsize recommendation after VM Migration
  • WebMKS support 
  • VM Comparative Economics Support for Term and Regional IBM Softlayer pricing
  • Guest OS disk use report links to VM
  • Quota by Storage Tier
  • Cost period for default dashboard

5.7.10 only

  • vSphere 6.5 is now supported as a virtualization platform. 
  • Lock the disk configuration per hard drive blueprint form control for the service catalog component. You can now decide which disk or disks can be modified. 
  • REST API calls retrieve, create, update and request published services now support the lock disk property using the PublishedService data element. 
6.0.2 - 6.1.0 ADDED:
  • All-new Service Portal user interface
  • Enhanced vCommander admin console user interface
  • Support for Azure Resource Manager and ARM
  • Cloud cost optimization and governance
  • Workflow automation - Modify VM storage resources during a new service request or a change request
  • Capacity and resource management 
  • Lifecycle and policy management
  • New supported platforms (Azure ARM, VSphere 6.5, Windows Server 2016 and SQL 2016)
  • Preview of all-new REST API version 3
  • New REST APIs are available for managing Stacks