By default, vCommander® will attempt to contact instances on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure using their public IP addresses. Most typically, this is done to carry out the Guest OS Scan or Guest OS Workflow steps.

This means that in many cases extra work, like configuring firewall rules or endpoints is required. If you have a persistent VPN to a private network, you can make a simple change in vCommander to avoid the extra configuration effort.

  1. Under the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Advanced tab.
  3. Enter the text prefer in the search filter feed.
  4. Double-click embotics.osscanner.preferprivate.
  5. Switch the configuration to true. Click Save.

All communications with the cloud instances will now prefer the private network address, providing the routing is is available (for example, a persistent VPN exists to the private network).