Attempting to launch secure console connection, a new tab is opened but the following error is displayed: 

Unknown Error, possible self signed or untrusted certificate.

This is a generic error which is not necessarily reprentative of the actual issue. In order to determine the actual issue, retrieve the VM Access Proxy logs and open the log files using a text editor such as Notepad++. Locate the timestamp in the logs for the failed attempt. This article provides the solution for the issue where the following exception is seen in the remoteAccess.log (using the example host name vsp5):

ERROR - Error while determining VIM SDK version for https://vsp5:443/sdk/vimService?wsdl: vsp5


The VM Access Proxy is trying to connect with only the host name  as provided by vCommander, and DNS search domains are not configured to resolve the name.


Use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) when adding the cloud account (managed system) to vCommander or configure DNS search domains on the VM Access Proxy. There may be other impacts to using only the hostname for a cloud account (managed system) connection, so modifying the connection is the preferred option.

  1. Right-click the cloud account (managed system) and click Edit Cloud Account (Managed System).

  2. Update the Host field to include the FQDN of the vCenter, and click OK.