A default PostgreSQL database is included with the Embotics® vCommander® installer so that small deployments, those where fewer than 500 virtual machines will be managed, do not require a Microsoft SQL license. If you are using Microsoft SQL Server:

  • create a database that you will use with vCommander
  • configure Simple Recovery for the database
  • create the user vCommander will use to connect to the database

The SQL user must be granted the server role public, at a minimum.

The SQL user must be granted the following role membership on the database:

  • db_owner
  • db_datawriter
  • db_datareader

You can download and run this query to confirm that the appropriate roles have been granted to the database user.

Important: To use this query, your collation must be set to Latin1_General_CI_AI. If you are using another collation, please contact support for assistance, or configure the roles manually.

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