By default, the following Details are presented for VMs on the Summary tab for Service Portal users:

  • Annual Cost
  • Primary Owner Login
  • Created By
  • Date Created
  • Uptime
  • Powered Off Since
  • Snapshot Count
  • Oldest Snapshot Date
  • Virtual Disk Size(GB)

However, by clicking   each user can choose from among a wide assortment of properties to display:

Administrators can also change what properties are displayed as the default Details so their selection will be displayed for all Service Portal users the first time they log in. Doing so will not prevent users from updating the details used on their dashboards, however.

Following the procedure below, you can choose a set of properties as the displayed Details:

  1. Login to the Service Portal and select any VM to open its Summary tab.
  2. Click the  icon and use the Add and Remove buttons to make your selection.

  3. Logout of the Service Portal.
  4. Run the following query against your vCommander® database:

    select * from config_items item
    left join config_pln_values val
      on item.valueid=val.item_id
    where userid='manager'
      and name='VIRTUALMACHINE-properties'

    replacing manager with the username of the account you used to set the desired details.

  5. Copy the results of the value column.

  6. In vCommander, under the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration. Switch to the Advanced tab.
  7. Filter the list by the word portal, and double-click the line for embotics.default.vmdetails.portal.

  8. Paste in the values copied from the query results. Replace all the semi-colons with commas, and click Save.
  9. The next time portal users login, they will see the same details you have configured.