It’s not unusual for Embotics® Technical Support to request you provide a backup of your database as part of the troubleshooting process or when validating an upgrade on your behalf. Because the database contains information many customers would prefer remain private, Embotics provides a sanitization script which removes this information prior to our receiving the backup. For example, the credentials information for your mail servers and public cloud connection are removed. Also, all user emails are changed so that there’s no possibility that policies will fire in our labs and notify your customers.

Because the content of the database is changed, we recommend first taking a backup of the database and restoring it to another SQL Server before proceeding. If you are running vCommander with the default PostgreSQL database, you can alternatively snapshot the vCommander® server before running the query, then revert after you have taken the backup.

Follow the process below to sanitize your database:

  1. Download the zip file containing the scripts and extract the files.
  2. Run the query appropriate for your version of SQL (MS-SQL or PostgreSQL) against your vCommander database. See our instructions for running queries against SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.

  3. Once the query completes, backup the database and upload a copy to the location provided by Embotics Support. See our instructions for backing up SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.

Of course, the first thing that Embotics does when we receive a database is to run this query, so there’s no need for you to do it prior, unless your organization’s security requirements dictate that you do so.