Embotics® vCommander® uses WMware web services to VMware datastore scans by default, but it’s possible to configure a failover mechanism which will use secure shell (SSH) when the web services scans are not succeeding.

Generally, when the web services scans are not succeeding, you can identify this in the vcommander.log file by searching for all lines with SCAN_DATASTORE_SCHEDULED and looking for lines that read similar to the following:

2013-02-25 16:31:03,384 [pool-2-thread-1] INFO – Task SCAN_DATASTORE_SCHEDULED (11434) changed from RUNNING to FAILED

Reading back up through the log file, you will see HTTP errors if the webservices scan is not successful:

To configure the SSH failover for ESX hosts, follow the steps below. ESXi hosts are not compatible with this failover mechanism.

  1. In the Operational view, select a managed system and switch to the Hosts tab.
  2. For each ESX host, right-click and choose Configure Credentials. You can select multiple hosts by holding down CTRL and clicking each, if they use the same credentials.

  3. Enter the password for the root account of the selected host and click OK.