Attempting to deploy VMs from a template on a Systems Center, the task fails and the error message Unable to find task ‘clone image’ on cloud account (managed system) is presented.

Additionally, disks and other objects which are present in SCVMM are not displayed in vCommander®.


These symptoms occur when the account used to connect to the SCVMM cloud account (managed system) does not have full administrative privilege. Most commonly, the account would have delegated administrator access which is not sufficient.

To confirm which account is being used to connect, follow the steps below.

  1. In the Operational View, right-click the SCVMM cloud account (managed system) and choose Edit Cloud Account (Managed System).

  2. Record the username handling the connection.

This account must be granted full Administrator privilege in SCVMM for all vCommander features to be fully available.