By default, service requests use both a form for the service, as well as any components included in the service. This gives you the opportunity to expose or collect information about the overall service, as well as the components which comprise it.

However, if you are only interested in using the component forms because there are no relevant details for the overall service, you can also configure vCommander® to present it in this manner.

To hide the service form, you must remove all of the form contents. When a form has no contents, vCommander hides it.

  1. Login to vCommander and choose Service Request Configuration under the Configuration menu.
  2. Switch to the Form Designer tab.
  3. For each of the form blocks, click Delete until all have been removed. At this point, you will see the Why is this form blank? message.

Once you have done so, any users who would ordinarily see this form will no longer see it. As a best practice, keep the global Default Service form and remove the form blocks from other service forms assigned to your users.