The automatic log out period for vCommander® users and Service Portal users is configurable. These session timeouts are a security measure that define how long vCommander® remains available during a period of inactivity before the user is logged out. As long as a user is working with the system within the specified time, vCommander® will not log off the user.

Configuring Session Timeouts

To view or edit current session timeout settings:

  1. From the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Authentication tab.
  3. Click Edit under Session Preferences.
  4. Enter a value in seconds, minutes or hours for vCommander and/or the Service Portal and click OK.

Troubleshooting Session Timeouts

Once you have confirmed the system settings by following the procedure above, if you are still being logged out earlier than expected, try the following steps to see if they correct the situation.

  1. Close all browser windows.Having multiple browser windows open can sometimes cause issues with separating user sessions. You may be getting logged off appropriately for another session you have open without realizing it. After all browsers have been closed, open a new browser window and see if the behavior can be reproduced.

  2. Clear your browser cache.Sometimes data cached by your browser can lead to early triggering of session timeouts with cloud applications. Refer to the browser vendor’s help files for more information about how to clear the cache. Alternatively, running a program like Piriform’s CCleaner will handle this operation for all installed browsers at once.

  3. Check your system time.Sometimes, having a system time that is not synchronized with either vCommander’s application server, the Domain Controller, or both can result in unusual behavior from applications. Compare the system time, and if there is a difference greater than 2 minutes, speak with your network administrator.

If you continue to experience issues, please generate and send the vCommander diagnostics to Embotics Technical Support, describing the issue you are having.