vCommander® users with the superuser administrative role are automatically granted Administrator access rights to any cloud account (managed system) they add to vCommander. This means that they are the only users able to interact with the cloud account (managed system) until access rights are granted to other users. This can lead to a situation where another user tries to add the cloud account (managed system) and experiences a failure.

Investigating further by double-clicking the failed task, the description explains that the cloud account (managed system) is already under management.


This means another user account was used to add it to the system, but access rights were not granted to your user.  Follow the procedure below to correct the situation.

  1. Under Configuration choose User and Roles.
  2. For each user who needs some level of access to the cloud account (managed system):
    1. Highlight the user or group in the listgrid. All cloud accounts (managed systems) and their child datacenters appear in the Access Rights tree in the right-hand pane.
    2. Highlight the cloud account (managed system) or datacenter for which you want to provide access and click Assign Rights.
    3. Choose the correct level of access rights and click OK.