Private infrastructure licensing in vCommander® counts the number of CPU sockets that the server hosts in your environment contain. This article describes a means by which you can view details about where the sockets included in the license count are being enumerated.To view the current licensed amount:

  1. Login to vCommander and under the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab, and confirm the number of used sockets.

Next, follow the process below to generate a list of hosts including the socket count for the purpose of comparison:
  1. Under the Tools menu, choose Search.
  2. Choose Help Me Find: Hosts as a Global search.
  3. Choose to Filter By: Name/Address > contains > (leave field blank).
  4. Click Search.
  5. Right-click anywhere in the Results field and choose Pick Columns. Under the Hardware Category, select Number of CPU Sockets and add it to Shown Columns.

  6. Click Export to generate a CSV file that you can then sum to reconcile the count.

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