By default, a difference of 10 seconds between the clocks on the vCommander® application server and the vCommander VM Access proxy appliance is allowed. If your environment regularly incurs a clock skew of greater than 10 seconds, this threshold can be adjusted. VM Access Proxy 2.4 and 2.5 versions the setting has been coded to 20 seconds. 

Important: Please contact Embotics Technical Support prior to making changes to this threshold. Other solutions may be available and taking these steps is not always appropriate.

  1. Login to the VM Access Proxy appliance:
    Username - vcommander
    Password - gRHrB211

  2. Issue the command:
    sudo service tomcat7 stop
    Enter the password when prompted.

  3. Issue the command:
    sudo vi /var/lib/tomcat7/conf/
  4. Position the cursor to the first free line.
  5. Issue the command: *a
    which tells the vi editor you wish to insert new text after the cursor. Change the line so it reads: consoleproxy.ticket.allowedClockErrorSec=20

    The example above sets the time skew threshold to 20 but you can use any whole number to represent the seconds. Note: VM Access Proxy version 2.4 and 2.5 have already been updated to 20 seconds by defaults. There should be no need to adjust these settings and you will have to make sure your VM Access Proxy (host NTP server) and vCommander application server synced to the same time. 

  6. Press the [ESC] key to quit inserting text and issue the command:
  7. Issue the command:
    sudo service tomcat7 start
    Enter the password when prompted.


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