If you experience any connection issues when using the vCommander® VM Access Proxy, Embotics® Technical Support may request that you provide logs from the proxy appliance. Under some circumstances, you may also be asked to turn up the logging level to debug, which includes much greater detail about operations. To do so, follow the steps below.

Note: For VM Access Proxy 3.x and later replace tomcat7 references in this article with tomcat8

  1. Login to the VM Access Proxy appliance:
    Username - vcommander

    Password - gRHrB211

  2. Issue the command sudo service tomcat7 stop, enter the password when prompted.

  3. Issue the command:
    sudo vi /var/lib/tomcat7/common/classes/log4j.properties.
  4. Position the cursor at the end of the line which reads embotics.rootLogger=INFO,F1. Use the [Delete] key to remove characters back to the equals sign.
  5. Issue the command:
    which tells the vi editor you wish to insert new text after the cursor. Change the line so it reads: embotics.rootLogger=DEBUG,F1

  6. Press the [ESC] key to quit inserting text and issue the command :wq!
  7. Issue the command:
    sudo service tomcat7 start, enter the password when prompted.