When Embotics® vCommander® times are displayed as consistently different from the time shown by Windows on the Embotics vCommander application server, it indicates that the operating system is not setting the timezone data that Java uses correctly. Java can read the timezone information from many sources in the operating system, but you can override the issue and make sure the correct timezone is used by following the procedure below:

  1. Login to the Embotics vCommander application server as an Administrator.
  2. Stop the vCommander Windows service.
  3. Execute \Program Files\Embotics\vCommander\tomcat\bin\vlmw.exe.
  4. Switch to the Java tab.

  5. Modify the Java Options to include a line that defines your timezone:
    -Duser.timezone=Windows Timezone Name
  6. Restart the vCommander Windows service.

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