Within Embotics® vCommander®, you can read and update the license information used for your installation. The license type and expiry date are displayed, as well as the total number of CPU host sockets and public cloud VMs under management. A separate pane displays the status of your Service Portal.

To view or update the license information, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration menu, click System Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab.
  3. If you need to enter a new license key, click Edit.
  4. Enter the new key, making sure there are no leading or trailing spaces, and click Save.

Important: Once you have entered a new key, confirm that the dates match your licensing agreement. If the dates do not match your agreement, or you need a new license key generated, please contact Embotics’ customer advocates.On some systems, copying and pasting the license key you receive in an email may result in characters being changed. Embotics recommends first copying to an intermediary text file if you experience any problems with your key.