The Cluster Capacity Report indicates how many more VM workloads can be added to clusters by indicating where and how the clusters are constrained for growth and based on CPU, memory and storage. The Cluster Capacity Report also provides details about each host contained in a cluster.

Use the Cluster Capacity Report to view the remaining capacity available for deploying additional VMs to specific clusters and understand which resources are constraining the additions, or to determine when more CPU, memory or storage will be necessary based on current trends and thresholds you define.

For each individual cluster being reported on, you will also see a breakdown providing four additional charts:

  • VM Capacity Remaining
  • CPU Capacity
  • Memory Capacity
  • Storage Capacity


VM Capacity remaining displays how many more VMs can be provisioned to the cluster based on the workload expected, which can be set manually or using a 7-day average. Each other chart shows the remaining capacity for that resource only, not accounting for the available capacity of the other two resources.

The report also provides a table that displays specifics about the cluster’s compute capacity (CPU and memory of hosts) and storage capacity (GB available on datastores).