Once you have successfully integrated vCommander® with your LDAP, you may find that while you are able to add LDAP users without issues, those users are not able to login. The vcommander.log file may additionally contain error messages similar to the following:

2014-06-02 15:49:24,593 [http-bio-443-exec-5] DEBUG - Authenticating user cnalaar
2014-06-02 15:49:24,608 [http-bio-443-exec-5] DEBUG - Ldap login as cnalaar failed
javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: Cannot find user's LDAP entry

When this occurs, it is an indication that your LDAP server does not allow anonymous searches. Follow the steps below to update your vCommander configuration for compatibility with the LDAP configuration.

  1. Under Configuration > System Configuration, on the Authentication tab, select your LDAP server and click Edit.
  2. Click Next. On the Identity page, disable the Anonymous Search option.

  3. Click Next and Finish.

LDAP users will now be able to login successfully.