The use of Active Directory for user authentication in Embotics® vCommander® is optional, but users will appreciate not having to remember another set of credentials.

Configuring Access to Active Directory

In order for the connection to be established to Active Directory, the following network requirements must be met on the domain controller to which you’re connecting Embotics vCommander:

  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center – UDP port 88 inbound
  • Active Directory Domain Controller (LDAP) – TCP port 389 inbound
  • Active Directory Domain Controller (LDAP for Global Catalog) – TCP port 3268 inbound

Once you have confirmed that these ports are open between the Embotics vCommander application server and the domain controller, complete the procedure below in order to configure authentication using directory services.

  1. Login to vCommander and under the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration.
  2. Under the Directory Services section, click Add and select AD.

  3. In the Name field, enter the label that will identify this domain controller in Embotics vCommander.
  4. Enter an account for the domain controller in the standard username@domain format in the Username field.
  5. Enter the associated Password.
  6. Select Lookup domain controller via DNS or Use specified domain controller. If you are specifying the domain controller, use the Fully Qualified Domain Name rather than an IP address.
  7. Check Enabled.
  8. To ensure security of data transmission, check Use LDAPS (SSL). SSL must be previously configured on the domain controller.
  9. Click OK.

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