Changes introduced in Windows 2008 R2 require Embotics® vCommander® to login to localhost and use it as a proxy to connect to your Windows 2008 R2 guests to complete a Guest OS Scan. As such, if the credentials stored in the database for the service account have gotten out of date, the scans will fail, even if the accounts specified for the scan are able to login when you test them directly.

Confirming the Issue

Follow the steps below to confirm that this is the issue you’re experiencing.

  1. Opening the file \Program Files\Embotics\vCommander\tomcat\logs\vcommander.log in Notepad.
  2. Search for the name of one of the guests for which the scan is failing.

If this issue is affecting your scan, you will see a line that contain the message “ERROR – Unable to connect to local locator (…” and a line later in the log that contains the message “ERROR – Unable to connect to remote locator…” for that guest.

Resolving the Issue

Confirm the service account credentials. Once you have done so, follow the steps below to configure the correct credentials in Embotics vCommander.

  1. Login to vCommander and choose Credentials under Configuration.
  2. Select the vCommander Service Account from the list of credentials, and click Edit.

  3. Re-enter the credentials for the vCommander service account.

  4. Launch another Guest OS Scan.

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