Embotics® vCommander® includes a robust quota system that can optionally be used to prevent users, groups and organizations from requesting or powering up virtual machines if the quota will be exceeded. However, users may get warnings about quota when it’s not clear what is consuming the quota.

Let’s look at an example.

A user whose organization can have a maximum of 10 CPUs logs into the Service Portal and finds the dashboard reporting an overage of 2 CPUs. Because this user’s role has the Show All Organization Services permission, they are able to run a search and see all the VMs. Adding the CPU count column confirms that only 9 CPUs are deployed:

 Where are the other VMs consuming the remaining 4 CPUs? Most commonly, this is caused because there is a service request that has not been fulfilled, but has not yet been rejected. You can confirm this by looking at the Service Requests section of the dashboard. Here we see that there is one pending new service request:

Clicking Pending New Service Requests will automatically bring up the search results for the matching service requests.

 Right-click any of the listed service requests and choose Request Details for more information. In our example, we can see that the 4 additional CPUs were reserved for this request:


If you have confirmed that there are no outstanding service requests but still can’t reconcile your quota consumption to VMs, please open a new support case providing the details of what you’ve confirmed so far.