By default, when a service request is fulfilled, the person who made the request will receive an email with many details about the VM that has been deployed. However, the email does not include a direct link to the deployed VM, so adding a direct URL may be appreciated.

To do so, you can add an additional step to your completion workflow following the procedure below.

  1. Under the Configuration menu, choose Service Request Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Completion Workflow tab.
  3. Click Add to create a new completion workflow including the notification, or select an existing completion workflow and click Edit.
  4. Add or update the workflow Name as relevant, and click Next.
  5. On the Steps page, click Add > Send Email.
  6. Configure or edit any of the other options as necessary. Include the URL in the format listed below in the Email Body, replacing the bolded section with the address for your vCenter.{}&allorg=true&morid=#{}&mortype=8

  7. Complete the rest of the Wizard, assigning the Completion Workflow as appropriate.

The recipient using the URL sent by the completion workflow must be an owner of the VM in the referenced organization in order for the link to work correctly. Otherwise, the link will simply bring them to the default view of their dashboard in the service portal.To make the URL work for any organization member, append &allorg=true to the end of the URL.