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Running Guest OS Commands on AWS Instances

vCommander provides built in capabilities to execute Guest OS commands against VMs using WMI and PowerShell on Windows and SSH and Bash on Linux. Using these features against cloud native VM instances, such as Amazon EC2 instances, requires you to open ports to the VMs which you may not want to open over the public internet.

To address this, we have created a vCommander Plugin which allows you to execute Guest OS commands against AWS EC2 instances using the Amazon System Manager agent which removes the requirement to open additional ports to the VM.

The Plugin JAR and README can be found here:

To install the Plugin, please reference the instructions here:

Once installed, you can use the Plugin step to execute a Guest OS command as part of a Command Workflow, Completion Workflow or Change Request Completion Workflow.

The Plugin step requires you to input the script you wish to execute against the target VM. The plugin will automatically pick up the target and credentials for the AWS account where the target VM is located.

The Plugin step will also identify the OS on the target VM and invoke the correct execution method (Bash or PowerShell) but you are responsible for ensuring the script you enter will run on the OS you are executing against.

yes, I have a question, I am the student from Cognex technology, and I have a doubt in Amazon EC2 instances.

Hello, please feel free to post your questions about the Guest OS Command plugin.

If you have more general questions about the AWS features supported in Commander you can find that information in our online product documentation here:

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