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vCommander is out of sync with Cloud events

vCommander® receives updates about VM resources continually from locally connected managed systems, and on a defined schedule for public cloud managed systems (changes originating in vCommander are updated immediately). This keeps the information available to vCommander users as accurate as possible at all time. 


Occasionally these observations come in at an excessive rate and can cause a cloud account (private or public) to disconnect or fall behind on processing the events.

Common examples of this are:

  • Missing events for guest OS customization
  • Power On/Off events
  • Misrepresented IP Address information

vCommander includes a mechanism by which resource updates may be throttled to prevent this from happening.  


Throttling the observations has the same effect as extending the Update Frequency for public cloud managed systems; any changes originating in vCommander are updated immediately, but changes originating from the managed system are updated a little bit later.  For connected private 


To enable throttling  follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the file <Install_Dir>\Embotics\vCommander\tomcat\common\classes\vim-throttled-properties.conf using a text editor. 

File Edit Search View Encoding Language Settings Macro Run Plugins Window ?  vim Rhrottladvropertiasconf  # Properties that are updated by vCenter too quickly may cause  heavy load and dropped information  # in vCommander. Add properties here as directed by Embotics  support .  osDi s kg  os D s kop date T {me  d i s k Space Commi t ted  length : 214  lines: 7  Ln:7  Col: 1  Sel:OIO  UTF-8 w/0 80M

  1. Add one or more lines below to the file, depending on the resources frequently changing, then restart the vCommander Windows Service: 


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