VM Uptime statistic is not updating (possibly other effects due to de-synchronization between vCommander and vCenter as well). In vCommander.log a message similar to the following appears:

2017-01-30 09:56:21,030 [pool-1-thread-1] ERROR - DeploymentDestinationConfigMonitor: Unable to queue event for processing (queue size 10000): PROPCHANGE [ClusterComputeResource:

The cluster on which the VM resides has a very high number of events. Events may include regular updates each 30 seconds that the set of runtime servers for "<vCenter address>" has changed.


This is caused by a flood of extraneous events being sent by the vCenter. The events cause queueing which prevents timely processing of status updates. To resolve:

  1. Use Notepad++ or another text editor to open:

    \<install directory>\embotics\vcommander\

  2. Add the following line and save the file:


  3. In vCommander, right-click the managed system and choose Synchronize Inventory.

Embotics recommends a restart of the vCommander service as well. It may take a long time for the events queue to fully process.

Monitor the events queue: