Among the tools that Embotics provides for troubleshooting is a Data Recording function. This allows the information being retrieved from your managed systems to be stored in a file and played back by Embotics, mimicking the live connection in your environment. Most often this is used to help diagnose an inability for a managed system to remain connected. Follow the instructions below to create a recording.

You may need a significant amount of space on the disk where vCommander is installed, however, the amount required will vary greatly depending on your environment. Number of managed systems, VMs and overall activity level stand to impact the space required. If you are short on space, monitor the disk space carefully during recording.

  1. Login to vCommander using an account with either the Superuser or Enterprise Admin role.
  2. Browse to Help > Support.

  3. Click Data Recording.

  4. Choose either Record continuously or Record for a limited time, setting the Duration in minutes. Choose the former if you are not sure how long it will take to reproduce the issue you’re trying to record, otherwise choose the latter.
  5. Choose either System generated filename or User specified filename, providing the name to use.
  6. Choose either Record All or Record only specified managed system, selecting the managed system to record.
  7. Check Start recording with snapshot to resynchronize inventory at the start of the recording. This should always be enabled unless Embotics Support requests otherwise.
  8. Click Start Recording.

  9. Click Stop Recording to end the recording if you have set it to run continuously, or if you want to end it before the requested duration completes.
  10. Click Close to exit the dialog.

Retrieve the file from <Install_Directory>\Embotics\vCommander\tomcat\recordedData\ and send to Embotics Support.