Private infrastructure licensing in vCommander counts the number of CPU sockets that the server hosts in your environment contain. This article describes a means by which you can view details about where the sockets included in the license count are being enumerated.To view the current licensed amount:

  1. Login to vCommander™ and under the Configuration menu, choose System Configuration.
  2. Switch to the Licensing tab, and confirm the number of used sockets.

Next, follow the process below to generate a list of hosts including the socket count for the purpose of comparison:
  1. Under the Tools menu, choose Search.
  2. Choose Help Me Find: Hosts as a Global search.
  3. Choose to Filter By: Name/Address > contains > (leave field blank).
  4. Click Search.
  5. Right-click anywhere in the Results field and choose Pick Columns. Under the Hardware Category, select Number of CPU Sockets and add it to Shown Columns.

  6. Click Export to generate a CSV file that you can then sum to reconcile the count.

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